Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quad commemoratives

One fun thing about historic anniversaries is that they generally produce a good number of collectibles. In an earlier post, I wrote about some of the free stuff already being handed out in anticipation of next year's Quadricentennial celebrations. Now, there's something a little higher-end available ...

Jaymark Jewelers has designed an enamel and 14k gold Quadricentennial pendant that memorializes Henry Hudson's ship, the Half Moon. Here is more about the piece from a recent issue of Rising Tide, the Quad newsletter.

The pendant is based on the Dard Hunter stained glass window depicting Henry Hudson’s ship, the Half Moon, which was shown in our first issue. To honor the discovery of the Hudson River in 1609, Jaymark will produce 1,609 numbered pieces of this fine collectible, priced at $1,609 each. In addition, Jaymark will produce another 400 numbered pieces, with a 30% larger stained glass portion set in platinum, completely surrounded by a diamond bezel, at $16,090 each. ... Jaymark Jewelers is committed to the principles of fair trade and sustainability in the jewelry industry, and ensures that the companies and countries it partners with do the same.

Jaymark is a fourth generation family- owned company in the Hudson Valley, with showrooms in Cold Spring, Wappingers Falls, and Katonah. They can be reached at 1-888-483-6335.

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