Monday, February 2, 2009

Seeking images for Quad doc

Jonathan Donald is producing an hour-long documentary about the history of Greene County for the Quadricentennial, and is looking for images of "engravings, prints, and paintings of 17th century Dutch farming, fishing, trading for beaver skins, any and all aspects of life in upstate New York along the Hudson."

In a follow-up e-mail, Donald told me he is producing the program pro bono for broadcast on WMHT, the Albany PBS station, which is also a co-producer.

Here's more about the project from the producer. You can contact him at if you have info about where to find the images he seeks.

It is a very ambitious effort given the scale of the subject matter which at first glance seems relatively unimportant but upon examination is revealed to be complex and interesting. The one-hour special is titled: "Greene County USA, a Local History of National Importance." Its obvious national qualities are the Hudson River School of painting and the rise of American tourism dating from the building of the Catskill Mountain House. But there is a great deal more. I have attached an outline of the program. You can review my background in television at my website Some of the program's production costs have been met through the generosity of The Industrial Development Agency of Greene County, state Senator Jim Seward, the Greene County Legislature and the Bank of Greene County.

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