Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tulip watch

Last year we had a flurry of tulip bulb planting in anticipation of this year’s Quad celebration. (Tulips have long been associated with Holland, which founded the New Netherland colony soon after Henry Hudson’s 1609 voyage up the river that was to later bear his name.)

Ulster County gave out thousands of tulip bulbs for its residents to enhance their yards and celebrate the area’s Dutch heritage. Volunteers from Cub Scout Pack 10 and the South Avenue Neighborhood Association, along with city of Poughkeepsie workers, planted bulbs in several city parks. And other volunteers planted 1,000 tulip bulbs in several spots around Historic Huguenot Street's six-acre New Paltz site.

It's almost time for the tulips to bloom. I’m counting on this blog’s readers to help me announce just when the flowers reach their peak for viewing. Just post a comment about it at the Quad blog, share photos if you can -- and let’s begin the countdown!

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